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June 24, 2019

Transforming Saludengen

It is a harvest season again for many cocoa farmers across Indonesia. For us, a new season brings a wave of excitement as we look forward to sourcing new batches of cocoa beans from our hard-working smallholder partners farmers across the country. One of the notable areas where we source our beans from is Saludengen, a small village in Mamasa in the District of West Sulawesi that has around 150 farmers working with us. It is the source of our Silver Award, Single Origin Saludengen bar. We started our collaboration with farmers here back in 2017, starting with only 30 farmers […]
June 24, 2019

Pulau Seram Plantation Visit

On the 19th of May, I took a trip with several other cacao-nuts (Yoshino and Tashiki of Dari-K and Thomas of BT Cocoa) to the eastern-most part of Indonesia that I’ve ever been to – Pulau Seram in Maluku. The goal of this trip was to visit a large private cocoa plantation, and explore the potential for partnerships or collaborations. I had a number of reservations before the trip. In the world of palm oil and deforestation, large plantations have a negative reputation of not being the most sustainable forms of production (to put things lightly). Plus I was not […]
April 30, 2019

Earth: More than a Raw Material

Rates of climate change presently plaguing the planet have hit unprecedented numbers. It happens to meet the crossroads of high production amidst resource scarcity, so it is no longer enough for brands to produce products that possess just functionality and artistic value: consumers are increasingly beginning to understand how their their purchases have negative consequences on the planet, and have pressed upon themselves the moral imperative to purchase products with as little carbon footprint as possible. Measurement of carbon footprints has long been regarded as an effective way of determining the direct effects that a product has on the planet. […]
April 19, 2019

Every day is Earth Day

Make no bones about it: Earth Day is more than just a novelty annual event. First celebrated in 1970 following a catastrophic oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara the year prior, generations since have dedicated April 22 to reflect on — and make alterations to — lifestyle choices that have a negative impact on the planet. A measurable yardstick for that impact used by both large industries and individuals is the carbon footprint we leave behind on a daily basis. There also exist more visible markers of environmental degradation caused by human activity: in Indonesia, the acreage of […]
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