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8月 9, 2019

Krakakoa Celebrates 74 Years of Indonesian Pride

In the run-up to Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day, we dive into what it means to embody the Indones […]
6月 24, 2019

Transforming Saludengen

It is a harvest season again for many cocoa farmers across Indonesia. For us, a new season brings a […]
6月 24, 2019

Pulau Seram Plantation Visit

On the 19th of May, I took a trip with several other cacao-nuts (Yoshino and Tashiki of Dari-K and T […]
5月 10, 2019

Gifting the Goodness of the Archipelago

This season of anticipation for the warmth of togetherness that comes with Idul Fitri is one that ce […]
5月 10, 2019

The Chocolate and Coffee Connection

One of life’s simpler pleasures is sipping on an aromatic cup of coffee; and many people who enjoy t […]
4月 30, 2019

Earth: More than a Raw Material

Rates of climate change presently plaguing the planet have hit unprecedented numbers. It happens to […]
4月 19, 2019

Every day is Earth Day

Make no bones about it: Earth Day is more than just a novelty annual event. First celebrated in 1970 […]
2月 13, 2019

Krakakoa & Lewis and Carroll Tea and Chocolate pairing

Chocolate makes for excellent bedfellows with several drinks: it’s not uncommon to attend pairing se […]
11月 19, 2018

Yohans Gozal: The Story of Kilo Bali and Krakakoa

A moment with Chef Yohans Gozal of Kilo Bali The month of November brings with it an exciting collab […]
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