Flavoured Bar Gift Set
April 23, 2018
Chocolate Bark, Dark Chocolate with Focaccia
April 23, 2018

Single Origin Gift Set

Rp450,000 Rp300,000

The Single Origin Collection is the crown jewel of Krakakoa; it consists of a series of limited-edition range dark chocolates each crafted from directly sourced, single estate cacao originating from the Indonesian archipelago. The Single Origin Collection is also available In an exquisite gift set of four, which is specially designed through an exclusive collaboration between Krakakoa and Kyub Design Studio.


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The elegant black box exterior is ornamented with Indonesia’s signature woodcarving motifs and the design of each chocolate bar is represented by an animal in which it is associated to the origins of the cacao beans. The gift set is complemented with a booklet with subjects focusing on Krakakoa’s product information and our farmer-to-bar process.